Why the Right Reverend Dr Gavin Ashenden has joined the Roman Catholic Church 5th June 2020 – Posted in: News

Dr Gavin Ashenden has joined the Roman Catholic Church.  In my opinion, it is not far-fetched to say that the Church of England has lost the plot.  By that, I mean in terms of its teaching and its proclamation of the true Gospel.  No wonder therefore, that the former Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen should join the Roman Catholic Church.  Listen here to an insightful full-length interview with this humble man of God…


Ashenden joined the Roman Catholic Church

Dr Gavin Ashenden

Prior to joining the Roman Catholics, Dr Ashenden was a Church of England parish priest for ten years.  He was ordained in 1980 and was appointed Canon of Chichester Cathedral in 2003.  Indeed, he was an honorary chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen from 2008 until his resignation in 2017.  After that, he was appointed an Anglican Bishop briefly before becoming a Roman Catholic.

But according to Wikipedia, in early 2017, Ashenden resigned from his position as Chaplain to the Queen after speaking out against a service at St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow, at which a Muslim law student read (in Arabic) a passage from the Koran that explicitly declared that Jesus is not the Son of God and because of his views on Islam and orthodox Christianity.  Ashenden concluded that being a member of the Ecclesiastical Household meant he could not speak out on matters he felt strongly about and that it was his duty and calling to speak on issues relating to the integrity of the Christian faith.

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Meanwhile, Dr Ashenden kindly wrote the foreword for my wife Michele’s and my co-authored book:
‘Watchmen… or Wolves – Demonic Takeover in the House of God’.

View Dr Ashenden’s website here.

‘ Dr Ashenden joined the Roman Catholic Church.’
Finally, click here to hear a detailed interview with Dr Ashenden concerning his reasons for leaving the C of E.