Was God Behind The Pandemic? 19th August 2022 – Posted in: Opinion and blogs, Sermon

Steve Buckley is the leader of ‘My King Church’ which meets in Greater Manchester.

On 6th May 2020, Steve posted a YouTube video.  The title is ‘Weep With Me – A message to the UK bride for corporate posture change.’  His sermon is available to watch below.  By the way, when Mr Buckley talks about the Bride, he is referring to the ‘Bride of Christ’ – The Church.  In the video, he says that when he observed the churches closing as a result of the lockdown, he wept!  As did many of us by the way.

He goes on to contest that rather than the entire event being orchestrated by the devil as was claimed by many church leaders, it was God – not satan – who was trying to get our attention.

Like my wife and I, Mr Buckley is of the view that God used the pandemic to call the Church to repentance and intercession.  And to call us to humble ourselves and plead with the Almighty for forgiveness.  Because if we choose not to come before Him, then great judgement will fall upon the House of God.

How can this be, you may be thinking?  And the answer is because the global church has become more and more liberal in its apostate teaching over at least the last 30 years.  What’s more, God is very unhappy about this!  I believe that because many of God’s ‘watchmen’ now behave as wolves in sheep’s clothing, God’s children have been led astray.  Consequently, the entire church has come under judgement.

Was God behind the pandemic?  Decide for yourself by listening to Mr Buckley now.

Steve’s sermon is 22 minutes in duration, and I pray you will take time to listen to His courageous words.

May God bless His Bride and bring us through this difficult time as we seek His face and ask for His forgiveness for how our leaders and the people of this once great nation have gone so far astray of His perfect will for us.


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