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Unreported Truths about COVID-19 vaccines

I read a 36 page booklet last week which filled in some of the blanks for me regarding COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.  By the way, throughout this post I use inverted commas around the word(s) vaccine/s.  That is because scientists disagree about whether or not the COVID-19 products are vaccines or gene therapies. Whatever they are, they are currently classified by the UK Government as ‘Black Triangle Drugs’.  See quote about Black Triangle Drugs taken from the Government web site (Note 1 below).

The information I uncovered in this little booklet was priceless.  The author (Alex Berenson) – like me – is trying to discover truth, whilst accepting that in our studies we will also stumble upon conspiracy theories and downright lies about this whole COVID-19 situation.  And discovering which is which can require quite a lot of discernment!

If you are interested in this topic, his booklet is available from Amazon for a little over £4.  It is titled ‘Unreported Truths about COVID-19 and Lockdowns – Part 4: Vaccines’ When I last checked, it had a 5 star review with over 1,400 individual ratings on the Amazon UK site!

What unreported truths about COVID-19 vaccines did I learn from Berenson’s publication?

Firstly, every fact Berenson details in his booklet is backed up with a web link or other reference.  So, you can check it all out for yourself.  For the sake of trying to keep my article here somewhat brief, I am simply listing a number of facts that, for me, were the most interesting ones.

Here then, is a much shortened list of some of the things Berenson uncovered.  There is so much more factual information in his small booklet to help you understand this whole situation far better.  I encourage you to buy a copy if you can!

1. One of the ’vaccine’ manufacturers – Pfizer – has told investors it expects to make $4 billion in profit in 2021 alone.

2. Top executives at both manufacturer Moderna and Pfizer’s partner BioNTech have already made billions, thanks to soaring stocks.

3. We have very little evidence so far that the overall benefits of COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ outweigh their overall risks.  Berenson says ‘That’s especially true for people under 50, who face a low risk of serious illness or death from Covid but often suffer severe short-term side effects after being vaccinated’.

4. Inadequate trial testing was carried out on people over the age of 80 – the very people most at risk of catching the disease!  For example, of 40,000 participants involved in the Pfizer trials, only 5 people were aged over 85!  Most participants were healthy people and those under the age of 65.

Berenson says ‘Seventeen days after receiving their second dose, about one in three people over 80 had no detectable “neutralizing antibodies” to the coronavirus in their blood – a crucial measure of immunity’.  On the other hand, he points out ‘only 1 percent of younger people had no neutralizing antibodies’.

These vaccines do save lives don’t they? 

5. Berenson says ‘clinical trials did not answer the most important question about the mRNA and all Covid vaccines – whether they actually save lives.’  And that is because they were never tested in the most vulnerable people.  What’s more, the companies knew they wouldn’t be asked to answer that question.  They are business people!  They knew how to make their top line data impressive enough to gain ’emergency use authorisation’ (see Note 2) for their ‘vaccines’.  Especially as the pressure from Governments to offer the public something that might work was massive.

As an illustration, Berenson quotes part of an Associated Press article dated Friday December 11th 2020, as follows.  ‘A high-ranking White House official told the [US Federal Drugs Agency’s] chief he could face firing if the vaccine was not cleared by the day’s end’.  He then writes: ‘that Friday night, the FDA approved Pfizer’s vaccine’.

6. He also gives some specific examples of people who have been killed by the ‘vaccines’.

7. Furthermore, Berenson explains in simple terms how the vaccines work.  And hence why they can cause problems in the body.  He also details a lot of information about side effects (and high death rates in the elderly).  Berenson goes on to write:
‘…people are 150 times as likely to die after receiving a Covid shot than the flu vaccine.’

He adds: ‘It is clear that for many young and middle-aged people, the mRNA vaccines have side effects that are worse than a coronavirus infection would be’.

8. One of the vaccine manufacturers is an American company called Moderna.  Berenson points out that its chief executive Stephane Bancel ‘is an MBA, not a physician or a medical researcher.’  In 2020 Bancel became a billionaire, even though at that time his ten-year-old company had never sold a single medicine or vaccine.


Note 1 (Black Triangle Drugs)

‘When medicines come onto the market, we may have relatively limited information about their safety from clinical trials. These trials generally involve only relatively small numbers of patients who take the medicine for a relatively short time and will identify only the more common adverse effects of treatment. Only when large numbers of patients have taken a medicine are rare or long latency adverse effects identified. Therefore, effective surveillance after marketing is essential for the identification of rare adverse effects, and to ensure that appropriate action is taken.



Note 2 (‘Emergency Use Authorisation’)

Berenson informs his readers that the term ‘Emergency Use Authorisation’ was created by the FDA in January 2017 to allow fast sale of medicines during emergencies.  He also makes clear something I didn’t realise… ‘The Agency requires only that a medicine or vaccine “may be effective” – not that it actually is, [which is] the regular standard’.

Keep in mind that mRNA vaccines have never before been administered to human beings, save during the trials on the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.  As I stated above they are also classified as Black Triangle drugs.  And yet both the Government and the NHS have continued – since the outset of COVID-19 – to inform us that the ‘vaccines’ being offered to us are ‘safe’.


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