The Word made Flesh 30th December 2019 – Posted in: Sermon

The Word made Flesh is way beyond our understanding.  In the same way, God is way beyond our understanding.  The Bible tells us He is awesome and unfathomable!  So, let’s stop trying to work Him out, and instead of ridiculing that which we do not understand in His Word, let’s work hard this New Year in becoming like a child and simply believe! (See Matthew 18:1-6)

I read this beautiful word in my Gafcon daily devotional emailed newsletter today.  St. John is my favorite Gospel writer…

The Hidden Mystery of God Is Revealed In His Word

Monday 30th December 2019
Hippolytus was a presbyter of the church in Rome at the beginning of the third century and one of the most important theologians of his generation. He wrote on a broad range of topics including Old Testament commentaries, homiletics, apologetics, ecclesiastical law and treatises against various Christian heresies.  Also attributed to him is the earliest known written Eucharistic liturgy, reflecting the practice of the mid-second century church at Rome.

There is one God, and we can come to know him only through sacred Scripture.  So then, let us look at what Scripture proclaims, let us discover what its teaching is. As the Father wants to be believed, so let us believe – as he wants the Son to be glorified, so let us glorify him.  [And] as he wants the Holy Spirit to be given, so let us receive him.  We must not act in accordance with our own mind or our own will, we must not do violence to what God has given.  We must look at things rather as God has chosen to make them known through Scripture.

God, existing alone, without any contemporary of any sort, decided to make the world. He conceived it in his mind, willed it, spoke the word and so made it — and immediately it came into being, formed as he had willed it.  It is enough for us to know that God had no contemporary; apart from him there was nothing. But though alone, God was manifold.  He was not without reason or wisdom or power or counsel.  All things were in him and he was all.  When he willed, and as he willed, he revealed his Word, at times which he himself had determined. Through his Word he made all things.

The Word Made Flesh

The Word was in God and was invisible to the created world, but God made him visible.  He spoke, as he had done before, and, begetting light from light, he sent forth his own mind to the world as its Lord. He who formerly had been visible only to God and invisible to the world, was now made visible, so that through this manifestation the world could see him and be saved. The Word is the mind of God; he came into the world and was shown forth as Son of God.  All things, then, come into being through him, and he alone is from the Father.

And so the Word was manifested.  St. John sums up what the prophets said and shows that this is the Word through whom all things came to be: In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God. Through him all things came to be, not one thing had its being but through him.  Later he goes on: The world had its being through him, and the world did not know him.  He came to his own domain and his people did not accept him.

Hippolytus of Rome (c.170-235) 

Genesis 1:1-31 [c.f. The Word made flesh]
John 1:1-18  [The Word made flesh]

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