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Woke Anglican Archbishop Appointment – sadly it’s an increasingly painful and repetitive theme within the Church I once loved.  So what is the story?

Well I really like this excellent podcast by ‘The Spectator’ concerning Stephen Cottrell – the 98th Archbishop of York.  If ever there was a ‘theologically wrong’ appointment of an Anglican Archbishop, this has got to be the greatest example.  The link is below, or fast forward to it here

This podcast has been produced by Damian Thompson who is an English journalist.  He is also an associate editor of The Spectator, and editor-in-chief of The Catholic Herald.

It features an interview with Dr Gavin Ashenden who was formerly Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen.  However he recently resigned from the Church of England.  The chief reason?  Because the C of E has become a liberal, woke, progressive religious institution (my words, not Gavin’s).  He is now a Roman Catholic.  See his review of my co-authored book ‘Watchmen… or Wolves? Demonic Takeover in the House of God’ here.

Woke Anglican Archbishop Appointment – Who is Stephen Cottrell?

Woke Anglican Archbishop Appointment

Stephen Cottrell

Firstly, when Bishop of Chelmsford, Stephen Cottrell upset many of his parish priests.  Not only did he tell Rev John Parker that his Biblical views on sexuality were not welcome in the Church of England, but also that if he didn’t like it he “could leave.”  Cottrell denied this on Twitter, and later in a formal Ad Clerum.  It then emerged that other clergy in the Chelmsford diocese had also been told that they could leave the C of E if they did not agree with the approach of the diocese on sexuality. (See my December 2019 post ‘New Archbishop of York endorses Primary School gender transition and that’s not all….’).

Sometime later, John Parker did leave the C of E and has now started his own evangelical Bible-believing church locally.

To quote Damian Thompson, ‘Archbishop Cottrell made the headlines even before he was enthroned last week.  [He] ‘revealed’ that Jesus was black.
[Unsurprisingly,] this came as news to everyone except the far left, race-baiting fanatics of Black Lives Matter.’

In this podcast Damian talks to Dr Gavin Ashenden about the implications of this disastrous appointment.  Thompson says ‘It means that for the first time in the history of the Established Church the sees of Canterbury, York and London are all occupied by intellectually challenged bureaucrats with an adolescence (sic) enthusiasm for wokeness’.

Now to the Podcast; I hope you find it as informative as did I!  

The new Archbishop of York Podcast


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