the darker side of BLM. Dr Gavin Ashenden explains… 8th July 2020 – Posted in: News, Subtle Deception

Headlining this article ‘The darker side of BLM’ might sound confrontational, and not at all Christian.  However, please know that I fully subscribe to the notion that the lives of all people matters greatly to God.  And that includes people  with black skin colour or any other colour.  Every Christian person should know and acknowledge this.

What’s more, Jesus calls us to obey all His teachings, especially the command to love our neighbour as our self.  And our neighbour’s skin colour is irrelevant; as is their ethnicity – or how they behave, come to that.   While many people around the world, including church leaders, have been supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement, some people have detected a darker side – especially to the activists within the organisation.  Sometimes, we are more easily able to discern that things aren’t always the way they seem, when we get older.

BLM The darker side

Dr Gavin Ashenden

Dr Gavin Ashenden explains the darker side of BLM…

‘The darker side of BLM’ – Dr Gavin Ashenden shares his views in the below video.  Above all, he helps us to understand more about the Black Lives Matter movement in a sensitive, articulate way.  He also presents a Biblical view of things like race, colour and ethnicity.  And he echoes my comment that we, as Christians, are called to love our neighbour, whoever they are.  Besides, Jesus is clear about this; you can read about it in His parable of the Good Samaritan (See Luke 10:25-37).

Dr Ashenden’s video is called ‘Catholic Unscripted 12’.  But the subtitle is ‘Secular Blasphemy #101 Racism & Reality.’

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