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The Church of Covid Compliance

Revd Boyle at All Saints Banksome

This month I read a news item asking whether the Church of England was becoming the Church of Covid Compliance?

Please don’t get me wrong…  Of course, any responsible person, myself included, would be quick to affirm our places of worship must be safe.  Safe for people to enter, and safe for people to mingle in, and worship God – especially during a pandemic.

Having said that, the Church of England – and for that matter all church denominations – have an arguably more important duty.  That is the duty to put God first in everything we do.  Which includes opening our churches for people to pray, for preaching the Gospel – even during Government enforced lockdowns – and offering the Eucharist to those who desire it.

It also includes loving our neighbour and loving those dedicated, over-worked leaders, who run our churches.  Which is why a recent event, ostensibly concerned with a failure in duty by a C of E vicar to carry out his COVID-19 duties – made some headlines.  Why the headlines? Because his archdeacon has threatened him with the sack!  No warnings, no ‘You’ve been a naughty boy, but if you confess and repent, we will overlook your ‘failings’.  No!  ‘Go quietly and we will say no more about it’ (My interpretation of the archdeacon’s letter to the vicar).

The church in question is All Saints, Branksome in the diocese of Salisbury.  The vicar, (Rev’d Charlie Boyle) has been the incumbent since 2013 and during that time the congregation has been growing, which is an achievement one should be celebrating.  But, for the woke and those paranoid about political correctness, it certainly appears not to be a reason to rejoice.  How sad.

The story was made public by Christian Concern, who are helping Charlie fight this extraordinary over-reaction by the vicar’s employers.

Click here to read the full story about the Church of Covid Compliance.

Alternatively, you can listen to Charlie Boyle tell the story in this seven minute video


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