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The truth about coronavirus

The truth about coronavirusSo, what is the truth about coronavirus and how can we be sure?  Well, after nearly six months of daily warnings about this global pandemic, the BBC now begins to reveal this.  That, all may not be as disastrous as we were first led to believe about the Wuhan Virus. (COVID 19 Disease).

We have had to endure month after month of what I and others have felt for some time is ‘information exaggeration’ together with a policy of engendering fear into the whole population, but today the BBC has revealed some new information, based on facts that have come to light as our brave health professionals work day and night to save lives.

Research shows that 70% of the UK population believe COVID 19 is a threat to them.  However, the BBC reveal new facts that hopefully will wake up the nation and particularly the Government to the truth.  I.e., that those of us not at risk should now be allowed back to some semblance of normal life!

The report gives interesting facts from medical experts about sickness and death rates too.  Finally, two of the paragraphs at the end of the report by Nick Triggle, BBC Health Correspondent, state this…

‘In the UK, they [researchers from Stanford University in the US] calculate that those under the age of 65 have faced the same risk over the past few months from coronavirus as they would have faced from driving 185 miles a day – the equivalent of commuting from Swindon to London.

Strip out the under-65s with health conditions – about one in 16 – and the risk is even lower, with deaths in non-vulnerable groups being “remarkably uncommon”.’

More truth about coronavirus – again from the BBC…

In many ways the truth about coronavirus is scary.  For example, earlier in the report it gives the numbers of people in different age groups reported to have died. Those numbers relate to deaths in England and Wales from COVID 19.  If we work on the total 65+ population being around 12 million people, then you will be able to calculate from their figures that the chance of dying from this virus if, like me, you are over 65 is 0.2%I was surprised to learn that, and guess what?  Well, apparently this is very much in line with typical UK annual deaths for seasonal flu! 

I do realise that we have been social distancing, locked at home, and that people are still dying.  However, maybe we can now see this pandemic is not as life-threatening as was first suggested by the ‘experts’.

What’s more, the report goes on to state:

‘For children, the risk from the virus is so small that you might be better off worrying about other things.  After the first year of life, cancers, accidents and self-harm are the leading causes of death.’

You can read the full article here.  It makes interesting reading…

BBC News article 7th May 2020


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