A Prophetic Word from David Noakes for the times we live in 9th February 2021 – Posted in: A sign of the times, News

Prophetic word from David Noakes

A Prophetic word from David Noakes

This article concerns a prophetic word from David Noakes.  It originates from the online publication ‘Prophecy Today’.  Without doubt, it is a prophetic word for today!  And it is a call for the Nation to turn to the Lord.  I publish this post because the article is something in which I am in complete agreement.  If ever we needed our church leaders to speak and act boldly, surely now is that time.  Our country and the entire world is experiencing what has been described as a global pandemic.  And how are our Church leaders responding?  Well, I hear platitudes, non-Biblical comments, and even worse, silence! 

The words below are an extract from this powerful and important article.  They are written by Dr Clifford Hill.  For those who do not know Dr Hill, you can read his autobiography here on his web site.

Introduction from Dr Clifford Hill

‘These are sombre days in the life of our nation and if ever there were a need for a word from the Lord it is surely now. We cannot just ignore the tragic news of more than 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus in Britain. But the one thing that is totally missing from our Government and from our church leaders is what God is saying to us as a nation. I haven’t heard a single politician, or a church leader even suggest that we should be crying out to God asking what has gone wrong and what God wants us to do.

If ever there were a day when churches should be calling for repentance and coming before God with prayers of humility, asking God to make it clear what he wants his people to do in the midst of this pandemic, it is surely today! God has been warning us for many years that he was going to shake all nations….’

Here is the entire prophecy article which gives a prophetic word from David Noakes.


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