Probably the Biggest Crime Against Humanity Ever Committed? 7th October 2020 – Posted in: A sign of the times, News

During these unprecedented times, some strange things are happening around the world.  None more so than the COVID 19 ‘pandemic’.  You may have noticed I put the word ‘pandemic’ in inverted commas.  Now, before you accuse me of being into conspiracy theories or being in denial, I grant you there is clearly a lot of this virus around the world and many people have died with Covid 19. The Government still refuse to tell us how many have died from Covid 19 (i.e., without any co-morbidities). Be that as it may, the question I want to bring to your attention, is the one that eminent doctors, scientists and doctors of many nationalities are asking more and more as each day goes on, also without any answers from those in high office.

That question is “Why is the focus of decision-making by Governments (concerning how to tackle the virus) still based on the level of people who ‘test positive’ for Covid 19?”
Why are we, the public, informed on a daily basis of this measure, instead of the number of hospitalisations or deaths?  The reason this question is so important is that the current test method used to determine whether or not you and I have Covid 19 (known as the PCR test) is at best reported to be only c.10% reliable.  If you don’t believe this, then the video I am posting here will address this anomaly and very many other questions you may have about this ‘epidemic’. I will let the narrator give you all the many references backing up the facts he presents.  The biggest unknown in my mind is why our Governments are living in denial over this?  It is because there are so many facts available to confirm what this video tells us, that many people are finding themselves being tempted to believe conspiracy theories.  In my opinion, what is better is to seek the Lord and ask Him for the gift of discernment.  Michele and I have found ourselves learning from the Lord about what is going on in the world right now and what we are seeing and hearing from God is the subject Michele’s her next book.  By the way, the title is ‘Antichrist Arising‘ but more about that in a few weeks time.

You might also be wondering why this is not the first post on this web site concerning Covid 19.  And, you may well be wondering why, as a Christian, I am spending some time drawing attention to a virus – what has that got to do with a Christian website, helping men in there faith and sounding a trumpet warning?  Again the answer will be found in Michele’s next book which should be published before Christmas 2020 (God willing).  In the meantime, I hope, like me and Michele, you will find this video compulsive viewing.  It may well open the eyes of some viewers to truth and reality over Covid 19 for the first time perhaps.  This man is a legal expert with 28 years experience practicing as a trial lawyer against fraudulent corporations.

Dr, Reiner Fuellmich – Eminent German trial lawyer