Pro-life Christian arrested for praying in public for unborn babies 11th November 2019 – Posted in: A sign of the times, Consequencies of Orthodoxy, News

Pro-life Christian arrested Pro-life Christian arrested for praying in public for babies who are about to be murdered in their mothers womb.  And this ‘mother’s right’ is, of course, legal today – whereas during my childhood, perpetrators of abortion would be charged and imprisoned.  How the times change in such a short period!

What’s more, not only are we now arrested in the country that ‘champions freedom of speech’ for praying for people, but also my view is that if the woke, the feminist activists, and the anti-God brigade get their way, we will soon be imprisoned for simply expressing anti-abortion opinions.  Indeed, I often wonder how much longer it might be before big Tech take down this web site?

Come soon Lord Jesus!

What’s Going On?

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