Michael Curry, Head of Episcopal Church forgets own sermon about love 20th March 2020 – Posted in: News

Michael Curry

Michael Curry. Source: Premier Christianity

Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the US Episcopal Church, has recently decided to take one of his own bishops to court.
So, what do you think his brother-in-Christ’s crime might have been?  Obviously, it will have been really sinful wouldn’t you think?  Well now, let me tell you.  While Bishop Curry talks a lot about ‘love’, Bishop Will Love (sic) works hard to demonstrate his love of God, by taking a stand on something he considers vitally important (unlike his boss).   Particularly important to Bishop Love is the accurate, rather than the liberal teaching of the Bible!  So, you might be thinking surely this must be fake news?  Indeed, but it isn’t!  As a matter of fact, I even thought maybe it was an April Fool’s Day joke?  If only…..

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What’s Going On?

Just in case you might go as far as to believe Bishop Curry could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, take a look at our book Watchmen or Wolves