Is the government’s ‘covid fear’ strategy more dangerous to lives than the disease it is trying to prevent?…. 18th January 2021 – Posted in: News

Government's covid fear strategy


….Well, take a listen to the video below and see what you think.   This recent eleven minute interview was featured on Talk Radio.  It shows Julia Hartley Brewer interviewing eminent Professor Anthony J. Brookes about coronavirus, COVID 19 and vaccines.  In the final analysis, it might lead you to think the Government has lost the plot!

Once again, I am left wondering who decides which ’eminent’ individuals are invited onto the Government’s ‘health advisory committees.’  E.g., SAGE, and why so many members are ‘singing from a different hymn-sheet’ to other expert epidemiologists and virologists?  Personally speaking, the Government’s Covid fear strategy leaves me realising why conspiracy theories abound!


Whilst I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories, I am not in the slightest surprised that so many of them are doing the rounds, because when we listen to interviews like this, some of the ‘science’ the Government are following no longer seems to make any sense! No wonder people think the Government’s ‘Covid fear’ strategy is not joined up or adequately thought through.

NB: Professor Anthony Brookes is Bioinformatics Group Leader of the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology at University of Leicester.  Moreover, he currently also has many other professional appointments which make him well qualified to offer views about this topic. Maybe the Prime Minister might consider appointing him to one of the Government’s ‘health advisory committees.’  On the other hand….

See here for more details about this expert:


Government’s Covid fear strategy – sensible or ??

Does the Government’s ‘Covid Fear’ strategy make any sense to you?  As soon as you can, do let me know.  In the first place, you can contact me by email here.  Finally, if you have inside information that will help me understand this better, please do share!

Above all, know that God is in control, even though it doesn’t always feel like it!


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