TRUTH ABOUT GENDER THEORY – PIONEER MADE IT ALL UP” ! 11th November 2019 – Posted in: News, Subtle Deception

Truth about gender theoryThe purpose of this piece is to share some truth about gender theory.

In fact, I would go as far as to say: within this piece is some truth about gender theory that activists would like you not to read!

The article was written by Christopher Dummitt.  He is a historian of culture and politics, an Associate Professor at Trent University’s School for the Study of Canada, and the author of Unbuttoned: A History of Mackenzie King’s Secret Life.

His article was written for and published in the online platform Quillette.

What is Quillette?

Quillette is a platform for free thought. It respects ideas, even dangerous ones.  Moreover, the editors believe that free expression and the free exchange of ideas help human societies flourish and progress. ‘Quillette’ aims to provide a platform for this exchange. 

Christopher Dummitt begins his article like this:

If I had known, 20 years ago, that my side in the ideological wars over gender and sex was going to win so decisively, I would have been ecstatic. Back then, I spent many evenings at the pub or at dinner parties debating gender and identity with other graduate students; or, really, anyone who would listen—my mother-in-law, my relatives, or just a random person unlucky enough to be in my presence. I insisted that there was no such thing as sex. And I knew it. I just knew it. Because I was a gender historian.’

He later continues…

‘And now my big idea is everywhere. It shows up especially in the talking points about trans rights, and policy regarding trans athletes in sports. It is being written into laws that essentially threaten repercussions for anyone who suggests that sex might be a biological reality. Such a statement, for many activists, is tantamount to hate speech. If you take the position that many of my ’90s-era debating opponents took—that gender is at least partly based on sex, and that there really are two sexes (male and female), as biologists have known since the dawn of their science—uber-progressives will claim you are denying a trans person’s identity, which is to say, wishing ontological harm upon another human being.’

Having admitted to some truth about gender theory some people would rather not know, his 3,600 word article concludes…

‘This confession should not be interpreted as arguing that gender is not, in many cases, socially constructed. But critics of the social constructionists are right to raise their eyebrows at the so-called proof presented by alleged experts. My own flawed reasoning was never called out—and, in fact, only became more ideologically inflected through the process of peer review. Until we have seriously critical and ideologically divergent scholarship on sex and gender—until peer review can be something more than a form of ideological in-group screening—then we ought to be very skeptical indeed about much of what counts as “expertise” on the social construction of sex and gender.’

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