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Covid 19 What’s going on?

I said in an earlier article that I am trying to be careful what I post concerning the current ‘pandemic.’   The reason is, I don’t want to be accused of believing conspiracy theories!  However, judging by the comments about a video I want to encourage you to watch (link below), it seems many people around the world are prepared to believe the wisdom of an intelligent and articulate American investment banker whose name is Catherine Austin Fitts.  Her video was first released on YouTube.  But it was later taken down.  Why was that?  Because she dared to challenge aspects of Government and big media narrative regarding Covid 19.  In fact, she put forward counter-opinions, which certain individuals didn’t like!  So, she arranged for her video to be reposted, and the version below is from the platform ‘vimeo’.

Who is Catherine Austin Fitts?

Ms Fitts is a former public official who (according to Wikipedia) served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co., (a New York Investment Bank up until its acquisition in 1991) and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush.

Recently she has been spending her time informing people what she believes is really behind the events of 2020.  You know, those things that make no sense to people like me. She wants to help us understand the reason for unprecedented Government intervention in our lives.  The lives of the very people who elected those public officials to office!  Hence people like me ask the question: “Covid 19 – What’s going on?”

To the best of my knowledge, never in our history has our Government unilaterally taken away our freedoms.  Not to mention our civil liberties.  Or, it seems, even some human rights!   I’m referring to the 70% of our population plunged into deep national lockdown, as of yesterday’s Government announcement.  Why have they done this?  Because 0.2% of the population have been recorded as dying due to the Covid 19 virus.  I accept that no responsible Government would want to increase the risk of death for those vulnerable people who tragically already suffer from very serious diseases (co-morbidities) – particularly those over the age of 80.  So, what is the real reason given by our Government for quarantining the healthy?  To protect the (vastly underfunded) NHS.  Which – as it happens – has only half the hospital beds per capita compared with, for example, Germany!

Covid 19 What’s going on – why has the Government turned its back on Non-Covid sufferers?

Because of Covid 19 focus, tens of thousands of other unwell people suffer worse symptoms and complications or die prematurely.  Why is that?  Firstly, because of the continuous delay in check-ups and routine operations.  Secondly because hundreds of thousands of others have their businesses destroyed by Government policy.  Thirdly, thousands of others have their mental illnesses so worsened that they are too frightened even to get out of bed in the morning.  Fourthly, suicides have risen at an unprecedented rate due to financial issues, fear and imposition of lockdown after lockdown.  And millions of grandmothers and children are denied a hug!  And this is a free country??

Anyway, enough of me; see what you think of Ms Fitts’ views?  All I would say is it is in line with some End Times biblical prophecies.  As it happens, it also confirms a significant part of the content of my wife Michele’s latest book.  It’s title?  Antichrist Arising – Global Chaos and its Prophesied Solution See details here

Covid 19 What's going on




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