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I want to talk about COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Passports’ and whether or not they make sense to a logical mind.  As of today*, the UK Government is happy to permit a chronically sick adult with any type of contagious disease to:

a) Be employed in a public or private enterprise.
b) Use public transport.
c) Eat and drink in a pub or restaurant (*from 17th May).
d) Worship in church (but no singing allowed!).

On the other hand, that same Government has decided it is time to have a debate in order to determine whether now is the time to prevent a perfectly healthy, law-abiding citizen, from doing any of the above things which we all take for granted, if that person has chosen not to be injected with a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ (See notes 1 and 2 to appreciate why I have put the word vaccine in inverted commas).

A perfectly healthy person – made an outcast??


Am I missing something?  If not, then surely any sound, reasoning person would realise that insisting individuals carry a COVID-19 passport is insanity!  Would they not?!

Think about it.  At the very least, this is discrimination of the worst kind.  For example, why should I be allowed to go to work, sit next to you on an airliner, or visit a pub, with early contagious symptoms of e.g., bronchitis, influenza, measles, pneumonia, hepatitis A, B and C, HIV/AIDS, scarlet fever, rubella, norovirus, tuberculosis, viral gastroenteritis etc.  But, what is being considered is that I will not allowed to do so when I am completely healthy, but haven’t had this one specific ‘vaccination’.  Would you be happy if I sat next to you with one or more of the above highly contagious diseases?  Of course not.  But I have no need to tell you that I am infected with any other contagious disease, except COVID-19.  Even if I was aware of being infected with one of them!  

And so why would it make sense for me to have to show proof of having been vaccinated against one virus, but not any of the others?  So, my contention is that what the Government are considering is completely illogical – not to say immoral.  So, why are people so paranoid about COVID-19, but not the other dangerous contagious diseases I’ve listed?

COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Passports’ – a really sinister idea!

Keep in mind the number of deaths ‘with COVID-19 is currently less than 0.3% of the UK population.  For some reason the number of deaths ‘from COVID-19 is withheld from us all!  Why is that?  Whilst the number of deaths to date quoted by the Government is a large number of people, I would still like to know the true number of deaths caused simply by COVID-19 disease – with no comorbidities.

What’s more, why is it that for the first time in the history of mankind, Governments have succeeded in persuading us that it makes sense to globally quarantine the healthy?  How? By forcing practically the entire world’s population to stay at home with several national lock-downs.  Prior to 2020, every country in the world only ever quarantined the sick!!

Church Leaders speak out…

At last, church leaders are sounding the warning trumpet about COVID-19 vaccine passports.  As of today, over 740 minsters have signed an open letter to the Prime Minister encouraging him to drop this.  And that number is growing by the day!

So, finally a last question to consider.  Is it any wonder there are so many coronavirus conspiracy theories doing the rounds, given the bizarre notions Governments around the world are peddling?

PS.  According to Premier Christian News, the UK Vaccines Minister is considering churches requiring a vaccine passport from the public! (See note 3).

PPS. Not so long ago, the Prime Minister and his Minister for the Cabinet Office, Michael Gove, both shared their views that they would not entertain ideas of this nature! (See notes 4 and 5).  How then could they consider COVID-19 vaccine passports to be a good idea?  Surely there is a far better, more cost-effective, less immoral method of checking people’s ‘COVID-19 status’ – and that is one of the variety of Government approved tests.


Note 1

The manufacturers of the three vaccines currently in use in the UK (from Pfizer BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Moderna) all clearly state that their ‘vaccines’ (which are still experimental – having still only been authorised for emergency use) neither protect the recipient from catching the disease, nor prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to other people – although they might (See note 2).  Moreover, these new vaccines share the same purpose; which is solely to reduce the disease’s symptoms.

Why then is there debate about preventing people who choose not to receive the ‘vaccine’ from enjoying a normal life?

Furthermore, the main ingredient of the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer & Moderna) have never been used in humans before (and there is no long-term safety data for those).  The technology used in the DNA vaccine (AstraZeneca) is also very new.  It has only been used a few times in gene therapies.  These facts also alarm me.

Note 2

Various sources available for this. E.g:

Source 1

Source 2

Note 3

Premier Christian News Link 

Note 4 – A Boris Johnson Press release from 2005

Boris Johnson MP, commenting on a vote in the Commons in October 2005 in favour of the Government’s ID Card Bill, said:

“It is perfectly obvious that the Government intends these ID Cards to one day be made compulsory. I want to make it clear that I will in no circumstances carry one and even were I compelled to do so, I would take it out and destroy it on the spot were I ever asked to produce it. It is a plastic poll tax that will do nothing to assist the struggle against terrorists and will hugely expand the powers of the state over the individual”

Note 5 – Quote from Michael Gove…

Source Big Brother Watch

“We as free citizens devolve power upwards, we don’t operate at the license or leisure or pleasure of those who happen to govern us at any given point. The idea that we should be licensed to exist by the state, and that we have to have a card in order to access whatever it is that we’ve paid for, seems to me as a matter of principle to be wrong.   The general rule over human history is that once powers are yielded to the state at moments of crisis or emergency it’s never the case that the state or very, very rarely the case that the state hands them back”.

Note 6

For details of the number of cases of communicable diseases in UK, click here and also consider whether a COVID-19 vaccine passport alone makes sense:


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