COVID-19 Vaccine Concern. More reasons to ask questions … 6th April 2021 – Posted in: News, Opinion and blogs

So far as my website is concerned, my ‘What’s Going On’ page has almost entirely been taken over with posts concerning COVID-19.  And even more recently, with items related to COVID-19 vaccine concern.

Today, I want to share with you a factual video that has just been sent to me.  I say ‘factual’ advisedly, because apparently, big corporations would have you and I believe the video below is ‘conspiracy theory’.  But then, you and I are free to search on line to discover who is telling us the truth, yes?

Hang on a minute though, because even that’s only true in so far as you and I can discern truth!

Let me introduce the video with a digression….

What has COVID-19 vaccine concern – and the nephew of a former U.S. president – got to do with his post?

As many of you older folks will know, the Kennedy family were once loved by many Americans.  In fact, John F Kennedy was said by historians to be one of the best loved of all the United States Presidents.  He was also the first Roman Catholic president, and one of the youngest – having been elected at the age of just 43, in 1961.  However, in 1963 he was assassinated.

Furthermore, another member of the family, Robert F Kennedy was an American politician and lawyer.  He served as United States Attorney General from 1961 to 1964, and as a U.S. Senator, from January 1965.  He was assassinated in June 1968 while campaigning for the Democratic party’s presidential nomination in 1968.

A Kennedy ‘out of the mould’ ?

Covid-19 vaccine concern

Robert F Kennedy Jnr

On the other hand, Robert F Kennedy Jr. (the son of Robert F Kennedy and the nephew of former U.S. president John F Kennedy) is not quite so loved.  Well, not by many of those in authority anyway.  In fact, Wikipedia now describe him this way:  He is ‘an American anti-vaccine advocate, conspiracy theorist, author, and environmental lawyer.  He is the chairman of Children’s Health Defence, an anti-vaccine advocacy group’.

Having said that, Wikipedia also list some details of his education as follows: ‘Harvard University (BA), London School of Economics, University of Virginia (JD), Pace University (LLM).’

As it happens, I know nothing about this man, but he certainly sounds cleverer than me – judging by his qualifications.  However, what I find difficult to understand, is why big Tech and others are trying to discredit him?  They may not have assassinated him, but they have done their best to silence him.  I guess it will all come out, in God’s perfect timing, either in this world or the next!

Why have I introduced this post to you by talking about the Kennedy family?


Prof Dolores Cahill. Photo:

And the answer is because Robert F Jnr is featured in this video along with Professor Dolores Cahill, who is a renowned expert in vaccines and immunology. 

So, take a listen and make your own mind up…

Does it sound to you like Kennedy and Cahill are conspiracy theorists, or are they seeking to share the truth with us?  As I have shared with you many times, one thing is for sure, something is going on – and Governments, big Tech, big Agra and big Pharma are all working hard to ensure we never find out what it is.  Unsurprisingly therefore, this video is not to be found on YouTube.

If you haven’t yet worked out what is going on, maybe my wife’s latest book Antichrist Arising – Global chaos and its Prophesied Solution might shed some light on it from a spiritual dimension!

Anyway, here is the powerful video I want to encourage you to watch –  running time is approx half an hour…


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