COVID 19 – Is all what it seems? 10th June 2020 – Posted in: News, Subtle Deception

This powerful 25 minute long eye-opening interview with American expert virologist Dr Judy Mikovits gives us a unique insight into the recent COVID 19 (or coronavirus) pandemic.

Whilst she is a world-leading expert in her field, many sources are working hard to discredit her claims and even suggest what she is telling us is pure ‘conspiracy theory.’  Why might that be?

That Dr Mikovits was imprisoned is an undisputed fact.  Why she was imprisoned is the subject of a ‘dispute.’  It seems very much the case to me that she was removed from office (and imprisoned for a short while) as a direct result of blowing the whistle on individuals and institutions working behind the scenes in a sinister way to deceive us with their clandestine activities and experiments with viruses.
She is a world renowned expert on the subject of viruses and retro-viruses and she has written two books on the subject; one book is called simply ‘Plague’ and the other: ‘Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science.’

The Word of God warns us ‘For there is nothing hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come out into the open’.   Luke 8:17 (AMP)

‘Plandemic’ – Interview with Dr Judy Mikovits