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The Christian Book for Men - Introduction


The opening chapter of the book is the Introduction titled:

This Introduction is intended to convince all readers that God has an amazing plan for your life.  He really does!  Your qualifications or lack of, count for nothing! At least not when it comes to God deciding what it is He wants you to do for Him.  He is looking for something entirely different in you.  He looks at your heart.  This introduction begins with a part of my own testimony…

Let the Introduction reading begin...

‘I’d like to begin by telling you a little about myself by way of sharing part of my testimony.  But also to combine it with some words intended to encourage you. 

But before I do, I feel the need to inform you that throughout this book, I will mention several words and highlight some sinful practices that would likely cause some members of a congregation to walk out if I mentioned them when preaching in church. I’ve certainly never heard them mentioned in church publicly.

Let me reassure you that they are not ‘rude’ words.  [However, they] are frank words describing things as they are, and which are things that we men need to ‘man-up’ about and learn to deal with head-on if we are going to be set free from sin and ‘enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].’ (John chapter 10 verse 10).

In 2008, my wife and I were present at the ordination of [our] curate.  The church we attended [was] in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, UK.  [Our curate] was a wonderful, caring man of God.  And his calling into the priesthood… was an event that the whole congregation looked forward to attending.'

The story continues...

'Michele and I took our places in the pews and watched eagerly as the ordinands filed their way in…  It was difficult to see them from where we were sitting but as they went up to be ordained by the bishop, Michele and I noticed something simultaneously, although neither of us communicated to each other what we were thinking until after the event.

As I looked, I was struck by the fact that our curate was the only man present… being ordained.  Every other ordinand was a woman.  At the very moment that I saw this, I whispered a question to the Lord, “Where are all the men?” '

[God's still small voice...]

'All of a sudden I heard some very powerful words spoken deeply into my spirit. Those words were from God; those words were, “If My men will not rise up, I will use My women.”  To clarify, God spoke those words to me in such a way as to mean, “If men will not respond to the call I have put upon them to become ordained, then I will not hesitate in using My women instead.”

I did not feel that God was changing His mind from what is written in His Word concerning His decree that men are to be the overseers of the Church, but rather that in circumstances where men disobey or forsake His call on their lives, He will use women to undertake the work that He originally intended for men to fulfil. 

After the ceremony, as I told my wife what God had revealed to me during the service, she said that shivers went down her spine, because at the very moment that she had looked at all the ordinands, she also noticed that our curate was the only man being ordained, and she also asked the Lord the very same question, “Where are all the men?” '


The book was 'conceived'...

'Looking back, I am now able to see that unforgettable moment was the beginning of the birth of this book. Nothing happened for a year.  Then in 2009, I felt God calling me to some kind of ministry to disciple Christian men. 

Many folk are involved in evangelising men but God was making me very aware that His men need discipling.  After all… Jesus tells us in Matthew chapter 28, [that] we are to MAKE disciples, not ‘become’ disciples!

I’ve been a church-goer since I was a young boy.  But I have only been born again and Spirit-filled since 1991.  By the way, just because I am Spirit-filled doesn’t mean I’m always full of the Spirit.  Because, regrettably, I leak - and to be honest, sometimes I find myself running on empty. That’s when sin can more easily enter the camp.  The Holy Spirit and sin cannot dwell in the temple (our body) together.  So if you or I choose to sin, the Holy Spirit has to withdraw from us.

We will see…. that if and when our flesh sins, we have to confess it and repent of it.  Then we can ask God to fill us with His Holy Spirit again!

Since January 2010, God has been challenging me to get up off my backside and spend some time encouraging and exhorting any man who might be interested, that despite the fact that we live under the new covenant of God’s amazing grace, nevertheless God wants and expects us, His men, to live godly, righteous, blameless, pure and holy lives.  Moreover, we can only find out how to live like this, by checking out our instruction manual.  [And that is] the Bible, the Word of God.


The Christian Book For Men - Introduction above, is a taster to the opening chapter of the book.


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