Becoming a better father

The Christian Book for Men - Becoming a better father

As a responsible father, I want to know how to be a better father.  Whether I am a new father, or been one for 40+ years, I know I cannot be perfect.  But I can and must try to become a much better father! I want to know how to be a good dad!

Volume Two Chapter Two shows us from Holy Scripture what God is like.  To be sure, God is the perfect father!  Undoubtedly, therefore, we can learn from Him.  And so I detail what God expects us to do in order to treat our sons and daughters well.  In fact, as He Himself treats every one of His children.  I begin the chapter with a worrying fact…

‘A million UK children are growing up without a father in their lives, says a new report on family breakdown. The Centre for Social Justice Report says lone parent families are increasing by more than 20,000 a year.  [And they] will top two million by the next general election. In some areas fatherlessness has reached such high levels that they are virtual “men deserts”, it adds.’ 

 I continue…

‘As I began to think about what to write in this chapter, I felt God prompt me.  [He prompted me]… to do a little research into the state of the family in this twenty first century.  I was well aware of the havoc and destruction the devil was inflicting upon God’s Holy Institution of marriage and the family unit that is the bedrock of civilisation, (particularly in the UK) but until I checked out some on-line reports, I hadn’t realised just how much family values were under attack.

The above summary of a recent Centre for Social Justice Report paints a distressing picture.  More and more children are growing up in an environment where their father is not there.  Sadly, increasing numbers of children do not even know who their dad is.

Assuming you are a caring person, these statistics will be deeply worrying.  As you delve deeper into this subject you will see that it is not just absent fathers that cause major problems for their children’s wellbeing.  It is also what are called ‘emotionally unavailable fathers’.  This phrase refers to men who are [only] at home some of the time.  [And]when they are, they devote almost no time at all to their children.  Apparently, the effects of emotionally unavailable fathers on their children are almost identical to those where… father is physically absent.’

If you buy this book, my hope is that this chapter will truly help you to discover something important!  In brief that is... How to be a better father to your son(s) or daughter(s).  Surely, all of us fathers want to learn how to be a really good dad!

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