the christian book for men - epilogue

The Christian Book for Men - Epilogue

I bring the book to a close with an epilogue which I have titled:


It is a rallying call to the ‘troops’.  Here are the opening few paragraphs…

‘Man of God, congratulations!  You have made it to the end of this book, which I have written under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

I believe God asked me to write this book because many of His men are being defeated by the devil and his demons, daily. God’s ‘End Times Church’ has been weakened because many men who have been chosen by God will not come through for Him. They are not standing strong and overcoming.  They are not leading the Church in the direction God expects and demands of His leaders.  Instead, many are listening to Satan’s lies and falling by the wayside or even teaching a false gospel.  The chapters of this book are set out to help God’s men overcome, step up to the plate, and correct their behaviour where it is falling short.

God wants to use you.

God has given you a great personal gift (a personal talent).  Have you discovered it yet?  Has God awoken you to it?  Perhaps you are not convinced that you have a gift at all.  Well, take heart, Moses was given a vision that he would set God’s people free from slavery in Egypt.  He had the vision as a young man, but spent forty years tending sheep before he finally received the call.  God had to refine Moses before He could use Him to set His people free.  He has to refine us all.  For some of us it takes God four years, for others, forty.  I had to wait twelve years for God to do His deep work of refining me, once He had given me the vision of wanting to help to disciple men.

Perhaps you have been listening, as I have done, to Satan’s lies…. “You will never amount to anything.” “You might be a Christian, but you are a sinner, so God has discounted you.”

LIES, LIES, DAMN LIES!!!  God has NOT discounted you.  If you are caught up in sin today, and/or in the past, God simply asks you to confess it to Him and then turn from those ways (repent).  He will then use you powerfully and mightily to bring down Satan’s strongholds and take back ground for His Kingdom’s sake.  He has chosen you and He needs you to say “Here am I, send me.” ’