Becoming a man after God's own heart

Becoming a man after God's own heart

The Christian Book for Men - Becoming a man after God's own heart

There is a person mentioned in the Bible who is one of my all-time favourite Bible characters.  He is amazing.  He is my hero. I would have loved to have been a member of his household.  If I had lived 3,000 years ago, I would have liked to have gone to war with him.  God was with Him, and he won every battle.  He is the only man in the Bible described as a man after God’s own heart.  If you don’t know who that is, you will discover him in the words below.  This is the beginning of Volume One, Chapter Two of The Christian Book for Men.  The chapter is entitled: Becoming a Man after God's Own Heart...

Chapter Two

'In this chapter, I want to reassure you from God’s Word – the Holy Scriptures - that God loves you and if you will open your ears and your mind to hear, there are things He wants you to know that will help you become a better man; a transformed man – a man after God’s own heart.' 

And why should you want that?  Because not only will you have a healthier, more peaceful, more joyful life, if you can put into practice God’s plan for your life, but also everyone you relate to – those at home, at work, at church, those you meet each and every day of your life – will also benefit from your changed heart and your transformed life.  They will see more of God’s heart in you and hopefully less of your human-ness – your fallen, sinful, human-ness.

How then can we best learn to become ‘A Man after God’s Own heart’?  Who can be our best role model?  The answer to that question is of course Jesus.

We should only compare ourselves with Jesus Christ and not with other men, no matter how godly and righteous other men may appear to us.  After all, only God can see the hearts of men, and no matter how well you think you know a righteous God-fearing man, he may not be walking in the light all of the time.  Few of us are.'

Jesus is our role model, but the Bible mentions only one man after God's own heart...

'Although Jesus is our perfect role model, there is a ‘fallen’ human being in the Bible whose life is able to teach us how to be a man after God’s own heart.  Unlike Jesus, no man or woman is perfect.  In fact, human beings are incapable of living perfect lives this side of the grave.  However, despite our weaknesses and failings, God can and will use us in mighty ways if we will yield to Him and obey His Word.  That truth is established throughout the Bible and is echoed in the life of the man I want to talk about here.

This man is the only man referred to in the Bible as ‘A man after God’s own heart’.  And that man is King David, the second king of Israel.

Before we begin, I want to establish three foundational factors or pre-requisites that will enable us to be discipled by God.  Without coming to terms with these factors, discipleship for any man is going to be difficult.’

I then explain that those important pre-requisites for true discipleship are:-

1. To believe the Bible is truth.
2. To arrive at the understanding of the need to 'crucify' our flesh and...
3. The need to be born again.


The Christian Book for Men - Becoming a man after God's own heart

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