Chaplain banned from prison ministry for exposing extremism 12th January 2021 – Posted in: Consequencies of Orthodoxy, News

Prison chaplain banned

Prison chaplain banned after Muslim Imam appointed…
Pastor Paul Song served as a volunteer prison chaplain at HMP Brixton for 19 years, bringing many to Christ.  However, in 2015 a Muslim Imam took over as senior chaplain, quickly placing heavy restrictions on Pastor Song’s ministry.  As a result, Pastor Song was eventually banned from the prison without explanation.

What’s more, He wasn’t the only one – Christian Concern spoke to numerous other Christian groups who had volunteered at the prison, leading Alpha courses, Christian drama courses, prayer groups and other vital ministries, who had been told that they could no longer continue at the prison.  Consequently, Christian Concern campaigned to see Paul return to the prison. After taking the Ministry of Justice to court, Pastor Song was promised he would be allowed to return.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.  The full story highlighting Islamic extremism in our prisons and how people exposing it are being dealt with by the authorities can be read here:  

Read The Full Christian Concern Article

Read article in Daily Mail here

Like many of my Christian brothers and sisters, I am increasingly concerned at the growing trend in news headlines beginning: ‘Prison chaplain banned’…

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