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Antichrist Arising by Michele, launched in December 2020

If ever there was a prophetic book for our times, this is it!  The subtitle is Global Chaos and its Prophesied Solution and it is available now from Amazon.

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Michele’s story about this latest book (in her own words) is as follows:

“For the past ten years, on 31st December of each year, I have taken specific time out to seek the Lord for each New Year ahead.

On 31st December 2019, I took my usual time of retreat and heard the Lord speak something into the core of my being which, at first, I thought was simply a personal message for me to step up a bit more in my daily disciplines.  But on 23rd March 2020, the meaning of the message became abundantly and frighteningly clear. It was not just meant for me; it was a message that would affect the whole of the world for 2020.

It took me a week to recover from the shock, and I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do with the message He gave me. A week after the first national UK lockdown began, God showed me the task ahead. I was very anxious about it, but I knew that I had to do what He was asking me to do.”


Michele and Chris's first co-authored Book



Michele and I co-authored a new book and it was published on 14th December 2019.  It is available from Amazon.
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The book is called:

Watchmen... or Wolves?
- Demonic Takeover in the House of God.

This book concerns subtle deception, false teaching, heresy and apostasy in the Church.

The foreword for this book has been kindly written by The Right Reverend Dr Gavin Ashenden, former Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen.

Our book will hopefully make some leaders in the Church feel very uneasy. We pray to God that it will! 

We believe God is grieving deeply over the inexorable growth in liberal theology, not to mention unbelief in the Church, and this book has been written to expose it and make the flock in the pews aware of what is happening in much of the global Church.  It is time for the Church to Wake Up!  If your church leader or preacher is teaching 'theology' that is either in direct contradiction to Holy Scripture, or a watered-down version of it, then you are being taught by one of the increasing number of wolves in sheep’s clothing and you need to flee from that place as a matter of urgency.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing: Jesus warned us about them; the apostles did too. Now it is happening, and the sheep are following them like lambs to the slaughter.  From Christian-cults to the rise of false-messiahs, we have now reached the point where even our faithful, trustworthy Church leaders are being deceived, more than ever before. The ways of the world and political correctness are now taking over; morphing into ‘new teachings’ being ‘fed’ to the sheep under the guise of progressive, liberal Christianity – the lie that wants to ditch orthodox, biblical teaching and replace it with counterfeits.

A line has been crossed, with no turning back. The pit has been opened, and the demons are rushing out. We cannot dither or we will be devoured! We must run for our lives and follow the voice of our only True Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The howl of the wolves will get louder and louder as the days hasten towards the return of Christ. Knowing and obeying God’s Word will help you escape from their snare.

Packed with Scripture to show you the way, Watchmen ... or Wolves?  will be a beacon of light directing you away from the dangerous path on which the Church is now headed.



The book has been reviewed by the online magazine Prophecy Today (Part of Issachar Ministries).  Click here to read the review:

Prophecy Today Book Review





Customer Review...

5.0 out of 5 stars  Time is running out faster than you may think! Wake up, tomorrow might be too late!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 June 2020

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Watchmen or Wolves really is an “I couldn’t put it down book”.
Excellent presentation. Message clear and simple. Ignore it at your eternal peril.
Excellent method of checking information on You Tube.
Excellent bibliography at the end. I may well buy all the J C Ryle books. I wholeheartedly recommend The Reshaping of Britain, by Clifford Hill.

It is helpful having full quotations from the Amplified Bible. In other words we are not just left with a string of Bible references to look up.
The depth and scope of material is comprehensive.
I thought I knew a lot about ‘heretical’ movements, this was a real eye opener. I thought I could not be shocked by anything any more, but what the authors said about some churches was the worst that I have read so far.
This book should be sent to every Anglican Bishop in the Land. If I had the money I would pay for this. It would be interesting to know how many would read it, act on it or just chuck it in the bin. That would really sort out the wheat from the chaff. I feel sadly there is more chaff than wheat among the bishops.
I had never heard of Chrislam before, but it fits in with the Satanic “One World Religion” plan. Talk about doing the impossible, drinking from the cup of Christ and the cup of demons.

I wish I had had this book back in the 1980s. It crystalizes and summarizes so much of what I felt when I was in full time church work.

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Michele felt compelled to write this book to counter false claims made by Christians who have an erroneous 'liberal' understanding of Scripture.  It has been written based on her own personal journey of ongoing ill-health.  Michele explains...

"There’s a silence of suffering, and it’s sitting in our pews. Many believers are struggling and in pain, and some can’t even make it to the church door…

When healing doesn’t happen, what do we do? This book is the story of the author’s own life – a life lived for God through the journey of suffering. With honesty and courage, she shares with us the struggle as we accompany her on a walk down ‘Weary Lane’. Revealing many overlooked but godly reasons for suffering, she discovers and shares God’s purpose in her pain, as well as giving us joyful accounts of miraculous healings that have happened. Bravely tackling the difficulties that can occur in knowing how to respond towards those whose healings haven’t happened, the author packs this book with scripture, shining the light of Christ onto the unspoken reality of long-term suffering – a path on which many in Church leadership seem hesitant to tread." 

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A timely and much needed book on the issue of unrepentant sin WITHIN the Church, which is largely overlooked and frequently ignored. Through a painful personal experience, the author tells how the truth of the message of this book was revealed to her, and the effect it has had on her life. Packed with Scripture to confirm the message, this is a 'Must Read' book for all Christians, exhorting us to examine our lives and make ourselves 'ready' for Jesus' return.  Click here to order



Many 'End Times' books, movies and computer games are coming onto the market, but how many of them tell us that the 'End of the World' is prophesied in the Holy Bible to be the final catastrophic event that will come upon the whole world to fulfil God's eternal plan to save those who believe in His Son Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, but will end in eternal hell for all those who have rejected Him?

This book tells you just that! In her 'no-nonsense' but easily readable style, the author takes us through the impending events of the 'End Times' leading to the 'End of the World', and shows us plainly what Jesus has to say about it. The only authority on this vital subject is the Word of Jesus Christ, and as such, the author packs this book with Scripture to confirm the message. The time may be short ...This is a 'Must Read' book in the times in which we now live.

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The twenty-first century Church seems to be abandoning its holy and anointed role of keeping watch over the souls of those who are followers of Christ. Succumbing to the lure of deceptive teachings, many church leaders are feeding their flock with Satan’s counterfeits to authentic Christianity.

With a power-packed, Biblical message that will shake the Church to its core, The Gospel of Deception exposes these counterfeits, and warns believers of the dire eternal consequences if they fail to wake up and repent. With global End Times signs escalating at a phenomenal rate, Jesus could return at any moment, but His Bride seems far from ready. The Gospel of Deception is a ‘Midnight Cry’ for the Bride of Christ to wake up and return to her First Love before it’s too late…but will she respond?

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