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Bill Gates and coronavirus is an unlikely combination.  According to Forbes, the founder of Microsoft is one of the world’s richest men, and he now dedicates much of his time outside of his first ‘business-love’.  That’s because in 2,000 he launched The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – an American private foundation.  Surprisingly, his foundation is not actually a registered charity.  Hence some people spend time digging deep to check on what, and with whom, he is donating his fortunes.

However, most people you ask would give Bill a huge thumbs up.  Why is that?  Because he describes himself as a philanthropist and gives away large sums of money.

Worryingly, in recent years he has begun to assume the aura of a self-appointed ‘health expert’.  But he has no medical qualifications whatsoever. 

Bill Gates and coronavirus – Big Tech executive turns to Big Pharma…

The brilliant businessman used to spend much of his time fixing viruses in computers, but has recently switched to fixing viruses in the human population by developing vaccines in partnership with Big Pharma. 

Personally, I am not a great advocate of those global businesses whose overriding objective is to maximise profits for shareholders.  Why, because conflicts of interest come to mind.  What’s more, many people consider three industries in particular – what is today referred to as Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Agra – to be more of a danger to mankind, rather than some great benefit.  And when Big Tech and Big Pharma join forces, some of us get even more anxious as to their motives.

Consequently, some people wonder if Mr Gates is driven more by profit than by his love of humankind.  One thing for sure is he seems to have a bizarre characteristic of sending out mixed messages.  You might not know he has gone on record as seeing benefits in reducing the global population!

Anyway, I am trying not to sound too cynical. 

So, let’s turn now to something else that might sound bizarre; the subject of this post.  Bill Gates and coronavirus was the basis of one of his videos back in 2015.  Watch for yourself…

Bill Gates and coronavirus




So, according to this graph, Gates’ assets have increased, as his spending on philanthropy has increased…





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