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Archbishops Fail To Support Chaplain

archbishops fail to support chaplain

Archbishop Justin Welby


Both Church of England Archbishops fail to support Chaplain who dares to inform school pupils about biblical views on sexuality.  As a result of the chaplain sharing Bible teaching he was reported by school officials to the UK terrorist watchdog.

Given that the chaplain had done absolutely nothing wrong, can you believe the above?
Of course not, so let me explain…



Woke Anglican Archbishop Appointment

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

The chaplain – Reverend Dr Bernard Randall – was employed at the time at Trent College near Nottingham.
After all, this independent school has a strong Christian ethos – or so they say! 
One day the school decided to invite the leader of ‘Educate and Celebrate’ into the school to train staff.  The aim was teaching staff how to ‘embed gender, gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of your school’.

Christian Concern come to chaplain’s aid.

According to Christian Concern, who have taken up Dr Randall’s case, the leader of ‘Educate and Celebrate’ Ellie Barnes…

‘… openly declares that the ethos of Educate and Celebrate is to “completely smash heteronormativity, that’s what we want to do.” [Note: the video confirming this has since been taken off YouTube by Educate and Celebrate].

‘Dr Randall, whose job description declared his role to ‘be the particular voice and embodiment of… Christian values which are at the heart of Trent’s ethos’, was alarmed when during the training, Barnes instructed staff to chant ‘smash heteronormativity.’

Dr Randall was asked by one of the students ‘How come we are told we have to accept all this LGBT stuff in a Christian school.’  So he used one of his sermon opportunities to inform the students.’

Delivering the sermon entitled ‘Competing ideologies’ in the school’s chapel, Dr Randall moderately and carefully presented the Christian viewpoint on identity questions, encouraged debate and stressed that no protected characteristic is more protected than another.  He explained that for Christians, where there is disagreement, it is vital to love their neighbour, leaving no room for personal attack or abusive language towards anyone.

Presenting the Church of England’s biblical position on marriage and human nature, he emphasised that children at the school were not compelled to ‘accept an ideology they disagree with’.  He encouraged the students, aged from 11-17, to debate and make up their own minds on the issue.’

Archbishops Fail to Support Chaplain

Neither the Archbishop of Canterbury – Justin Welby, nor the Archbishop of York – Stephen Cottrell, offered support to Chaplain Randall.  In truth, I am not surprised.   After all, both of the Archbishops are not only theologically liberal – Cottrell particularly so – both also demonstrate extreme wokery.

Indeed, this is not the first time ultra-liberal Stephen Cottrell has failed to support traditional Bible teaching.   His negative comments resulted in the resignation of a fine Anglican priest who subsequently left the Church of England.

So, finally, the question remains, why would the Archbishops fail to support Chaplain Randall?  To this end, the Daily Mail was one of the first national newspapers to pick up on this.  Read their report here.


Lastly, I just read this article by Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail, concerning Chaplain Randall’s treatment.  It is aptly entitled ‘How long before common sense is actually illegal?’


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