Archbishop’s Christmas Message v. Oswald Chambers Christ Message 21st December 2019 – Posted in: News, Subtle Deception

Archbishop's Christmas message

Archbishop Justin Welby – pic. CBI

The Archbishop’s Christmas message was written in a special way for the Christmas edition of ‘The Big Issue’.  Firstly, in his interview with Sam Delaney he talked briefly about the Pope, politics, poverty and the Royals.  Secondly, he then let us know his Christmas message which, in a nut shell, was: don’t be fearful – instead, love.

So Archbishop Welby reminded us that the New Testament tells us that ‘perfect love casts out fear’, that God’s love is unconditional and forgiving.  Finally, he concludes with these words: ‘[God] says “If you’ve fallen off the edge I am with you.  I come to you, I love you.” And the way he does that is through our heads, hearts, eyes and our generosity in caring for people.  So don’t fear, love.’

So, if I’ve got this right, the Archbishop of Canterbury wants us all to believe that just so long as we love others, we have nothing to fear.

Archbishop’s Christmas Message content reminded me of another key bishop’s sermon…

Such a message reminded me of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon about love, given at the Royal Wedding in May 2018.  And the world’s reporters raved about it.  In fact, they loved it!  Like Curry’s sermon, Welby’s thoughts are true in part.  But like Curry, there was no mention of the essential message that without confession of sin, repentance, belief in, trust in, and obedience to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we have a whole lot to be fearful of – and that is the Biblical fact that we are heading towards eternal suffering when we die.

In contrast, on the morning after reading the Archbishop’s ‘comforting’ Christmas thoughts, I was encouraged to read the truth in my daily devotional book titled ‘My Utmost for His Highest’; the words of Oswald Chambers*.  In the book, I underscored the following extracts of what he had to say.  If only our clergy and bishops today would get this, and preach it. I.e., the truth concerning the Christian faith and the centrality of Jesus:

“…What the world needs is not ‘a little bit of love’, but a surgical operation.
…If you can help others by your sympathy or understanding, you are a traitor to Jesus Christ.
…The great note today is amiable religiosity.
…Every doctrine that is not imbedded in the Cross of Jesus will lead astray.
…The calling of the New Testament worker is to uncover sin and to reveal Jesus Christ as Saviour, consequently he cannot be poetical, he must be sternly surgical.  We are sent by God to lift up Jesus Christ, not to give wonderfully beautiful discourses.”

*Oswald Chambers – My Utmost for His Highest (Entry for 20th December) – published by Barbour Publishing, Inc., P.O. Box 719, Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683.

Chambers died at the age of 43 in 1917, and his widow later published the notes from her husband’s lectures given at an English Bible college, and in YMCA huts in Egypt.  The YMCA had appointed him to serve in Egypt with the Australian and New Zealand troops who were guarding the Suez Canal during World War I.  The devotional that was subsequently published from his widow’s notes remains among the top ten best-selling Christian Books for each year.  Richard C. Halverson, former chaplain of the United States Senate, gives us a clue as to why… “No book except the Bible has influenced my walk with Christ at such deep and maturing levels.”

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