Anglicans joining Roman Catholic Church 17th December 2019 – Posted in: News

Anglicans joining Roman Catholic ChurchMany Anglicans joining Roman Catholic church have done so for very valid reasons.  One of the latest is well-known Anglican Bishop The Right Rev Gavin Ashenden.
He has joined the Roman Catholics due chiefly to the Church of England’s increasingly liberal approach to the Scriptures.

Rev Ashenden has been a vocal critic of the apostate Church of England for some time and not without reason. 

Without a doubt, a flick through the pages of my wife Michele’s first or third books – or our newest co-authored book – will open your eyes to what is subtly going on, not only in the corridors of Canterbury and elsewhere in the Church of England, but also throughout other denominations as they pursue ‘human agendas’ instead of God’s holy agenda.

God’s Holy Word talks a lot about subjects the clergy are increasingly uncomfortable with.  For example: conviction of sin, repentance (turning from self, back to God) and obedience to God’s Word (The Bible).  Progressive human agendas include affirming us all in our sin, political correctness, wokery and worst of all, unbelief in Scripture.  And for reasons best known to the global Church, many of its leaders seem more comfortable with narcissistic man’s ‘self’.

Listen to and watch a full 27 minute interview here between Gavin and Kevin Kallsen at Anglican Ink…

‘Anglicans joining Roman Catholic Church.’

Finally, I give thanks to Dr Ashenden for writing the foreword to my co-authored book Watchmen or Wolves